Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sydney and her Uncle Aaron

As Sydney was watching cartoons the other day she saw a marathon for Thanksgiving Day. Of course she said I am going to watch that. And I quickly told her no you are not we are going to be at Grandma's. She responded with I thought we were going to see Aunt Jackie and Uncle Aaron? I then found myself explaining Aunt Jackie was going to be at Grandma's. This is what gets said to me an a very anxious way " WHAT ABOUT UNCLE AARON? Is he not going to be there? I want to see Uncle Aaron!" I was not trying to exclude my brother-in-law by any means. I was just grouping them together. After clearing this up she says "YEAH UNCLE AARON!" She loves her Uncle Aaron, well except when he acted like he was going to throw her in the creek at my mom's but that's another story. Sorry Aunt Jackie she still loves you.

Poor Aaron he has it coming over Thanksgiving.


Jackie: said...

I see what is going on here! :o) I am being replaced. ha ha! He makes a much better jungle gym than me.

Elizabeth said...

WAH!! That's adorable.

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Nickie!