Friday, January 30, 2009

Syd's Pick

Can you guess you Sydney is pulling for on Sunday?
Her class has had more than a weeks worth of Steeler related crafts. And a pep rally where they could make up their own cheer.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Few Quick Things

Just a few quick things I have come across over the past few days:

1. Why is there sodium in Jello? Actually a good bit for the amount of serving. If you are watching your sodium the generic kind at Walmart has quite a bit less than the name brand.

2. We have used all of our snow days for the year and it is only the end of January. Sydney thinks they are never going to make it to the 100 day mark. Which normally they celebrate with pride.

3. Why are there reruns on already. I know they do this when something else big is on another station. But what the heck is on that CBS is running reruns.

4. Steve working the night shift makes me worry! He drives in at 9:30pm and drives home 6:30am. During these times the conditions of the road are horrendous! He says I worry too much. No matter what time he was out I would be worried. (Probably true.)

5. People are not good at RSVPing for parties. If you are one of these people please try to do better.

6. I am having a blast catching up with all of my school friends on Facebook.

This is not a complaint just a statement of fact. If the baby moves around as much as it is now. We are in SERIOUS trouble!!! (I realize some of it is hiccups but there is alot going on in there.)

These are in no particular order the one about Steve driving totally freaks me out!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things

My friend tagged me on facebook. So I thought I would amend it and encourage you all to share your info so we could get to know each other better.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things,facts,habits or goals about you.

1. I have been married to Steve for 15 years! (Holy Cow)
2. I have a 7 year old named Sydney and a baby boy due in June.
3. I love AC/DC. I have a dog named Angus after Angus Young.
4. We lived down south for 12 years before moving back north.
5. I hate driving in the snow! (Yeah, I know why did we do number4)
6. I love going to zoos.
7. My child is a nut and says the craziest things.
8. I have to watch Adam Sandler films no matter if they are suppose to be bad or not.
9. I miss eating at the Mexican restaurant in SC.
10. I am having a great time catching up with everyone on facebook that I had lost touch with.
11. The baby moves around ALOT!! At times it is nauseating, but in a good way.
12. I go into a store to get clothes for myself and end up walking out with stuff for Syd.
13. I love watching football.
14. My Basset Hound won Best of Breed and was on TV for the Eukanuba Invitational. It was a once & a lifetime experience watching him go around St. Petes Forum in FL.
15. I am addicted to fantasy football.
16. Mean Machine is one of my favorite movies.
17. I like to help with Syd's class at school.
18. I am involved with PTO. (Who would of thought)
19. Road trips are great.
20. I miss all of my grandparents.
21. I remember lyrics to songs very easily even those I wish I had not.
22. My mood instantly can change by hearing a great song.
23. Concerts are a wonderful thing!! Especially with Ashley.
24. I would like to have my own boarding kennel.
25. Steve still makes me laugh all the time!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Bowl Bound


Well is official! The Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl on February 1,2009. Now Sydney will be totally excited about her Steelers going to the bowl. I am sure she will let her Dad know about it. Most of our relatives are apart of the Steeler Nation. As you know Steve is not. It will be interesting to watch Ken Wisenhunt head coach of Arizona go up against the team he used to be the offensive coordinator for. And of course there is our Redskins connection in Russ Grimm the assistant head coach for Arizona. One of the original renowned "hogs" who played guard for the Skins for 11 seasons. Who hopefully will get in the Hall Of Fame this year. Who can't help but pull for Kurt Warner as a veteran quarterback who used to be a stock boy at a grocery store before playing in the Arena League. Not to mention how they turned their season around.

Yeah, Yeah I know most of my family is about to have a stroke reading this. Kudos to Mike Tomlin who in his second season as head coach has lead his team to the bowl. I must say I was worried through most of the game that the Ravens may come back & beat the Steelers. I am very happy for my Steeler Nation family for the accomplishment of their team.

Come Feb 1st though we'll see who Steve & I pull for. Rest assured there will be one very excited 7 year old who will be running around in her Steeler garb with her terrible towel once she finds it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Snowy Weekend!

(View from the backyard up on the hill.)

Well it has been an eventful week here as far as the weather is concerned. Starting with Thursday & Friday school was cancelled for being too cold. Now we only have one snow day left for the year and its only the 18th of January. Saturday morning when Steve drove home from work it was -13 degrees. The snow started to fall again sometime Saturday afternoon. I knew we were suppose to get a little but come 11:00pm there was alot on the ground. Steve's drive home Sunday morning took an hour when it is normally a 30 minute drive. We had about 10 inches by lunchtime Steve figured after he'd shoveled for the second time today. He hates to shovel because by the time the dogs run around it doesn't look like he has done anything. Gravy can't help it there is so much snow on the ground she has to jump through it to get anywhere.

The snow piled on the side railing.

Even the Coneflowers had their hats on.

Needless to say Sydney was back outside in full force. This time Angus was allowed out to play because we removed his stitches this morning. She ran all over throwing snowballs at him. With this being his first major snow he is not sure what to make of this he kept hiding from her. I figure he ate plenty of snow while he was playing with the numerous trips he needed to go back out. All his trips from here on out tonight will be supervised or I will be up all night.
Syd & Angus
You can see how hard the snow was falling.

Hiding from Syd behind the snowpile.

It was snowing hard but I don't remember it being painful.

Syd trying to make herself into a snowman.

Thank goodness it seems to have slowed down. We don't need another snow day! They already have off Wednesday for an in service day. Why in the middle of the week beats me! Hope everyone had as much fun this weekend as Sydney did.
Strike that I was just outside it is still snowing!! And coming down like mad!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Third One Down

It FINALLY happened this morning! Sydney finally lost her tooth that she has been working on since Christmas. Her Grandmother & her tried relentlessly to get it out while she was here. We all thought it was ready to go then. Obviously we were wrong.
So when I got home last night & had Sydney in the tub. I asked her" Did you lose your tooth?" "No" she said. She just had it pushed back to where I couldn't see it. She did say "it has a whole in it. " Well she had worked it to where it was pulled away from her gumline. I told her you need to get that out very soon because food can get caught in there. Well when she got up this morning she said "Look at my tooth now". Well needless to say she didn't go to bed right away because her tooth was only attached by the one corner. Who knows what time she finally fell asleep. Now my big concern was that she would lose it at school or she would swallow it. Either way would have been bad for us. So I told her it had to come out before school. She tried first! With more effort vocally than actual strength. Because when I finally got it out she didn't even feel it. Let's just say there was NO blood either.

She is very excited about a visit from the tooth fairy!
I must say that I do a double take when I look at her. She has noticed that her TH's sound like FF's.
All is back to normal. Tonight she had marshmallows for a snack. She stuck one in the hole and said " Mom, I have a new tooth. I think I will name it Steve." What the heck. Where do they come up with these things!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Angus's First Sleepover

On Thursday Angus had his first sleepover. He had an appointment to be neutered. His surgery of course went well. It's trying to keep him down for the next 10 days that is going to kill me!! He was trying to run around the vet office where I work the day after. And go figure the day after he has surgery we have the biggest snowfall of the year. He is a German Short Hair Pointer so he loves to run and is quite fast. Last night I had to put him in his crate because he was running laps in the house. Our house is not that big it was crazy. Heaven help us!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let It Snow Let It Snow

Any of you who know me really well realize this is not something I would say. It is more for my child than anything. I am all for snow when I don't have to go anywhere.
We had a forecast Friday to Saturday of anywhere from 6-10 inches. We got a good bit of snow although I am not sure how much exactly. Steve had to shovel 3 times. Great for me because I had nowhere to go. Not so great for Steve because he works at night. He really doesn't care I am the one who sits and worries about him!

( The Standoff)

Sydney had the perfect opportunity to get out and play in the snow. First, she helped her dad shovel. I use the term "help" very loosely. She just wanted to jump in the pile he was making. She wanted to make a snowman but it wasn't great packing snow. So she decided to play in the yard with Gravy. She stayed out for a long time until the dog was got the best of her. For some reason Gravy was obsessed with her hat & gloves. Maybe she was cold!

Gravy loves running in the snow especially if you are throwing it at her. Even though she is so low to the ground she would stay out forever. She kept running right up to Steve to be hit with a snowball. (By the way Angus was under house arrest because he had little boy surgery)

Syd had enough!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Joining The Ranks Of Other PA Drivers

Most of you I believe are familiar with how populated the deer are here in PA. If not, I am sure you have heard me talk about them. Well I have officially joined the ranks of thousands of other PA drivers. Tuesday night while driving home on Margaret Road after work I hit my first deer. Of course with it being January the road conditions were not good. I saw the first one way out in front & it got safely up the hill . As I kept going here came the other out of nowhere. Why do they do this? It had plenty of time to get across. My first thought (well maybe you don't want to know the first) great I am pregnant, on a back windy road, in winter weather & Steve is sleeping to get ready for the night shift. So I finally get to safe place to pull off and survey the damage. I was totally shocked that there was no damage to my car. Thank goodness for the big honking bumper on my Explorer. I guess I should be grateful we have been here for awhile and this has just happened.

Hopefully, this is not a sign of things to come.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Is It A Girl Or A Boy?

Yesterday was a big day for the Fowler family. Steve, Sydney & I went to the hospital to have an ultrasound done. The poor technician had to chase the baby all over the place as it was quite active. She was a really good sport and seemed to enjoy Steve & Sydney joking with each other. One of the things she said was "Boy they are just alike." My response being yeah and now I have another on the way.

She was able to tell us what we are going to be having come early June.

It's a BOY!

Everything looked good. With the measurements she took he is about 9oz. It was really neat to be able to watch him moving all over the place. His arms were everywhere and kept going towards his mouth.

Sydney seemed to really get a kick out of seeing her little brother. She thought the heartbeat sounded like a train. Now comes the fun part of trying to pick out a name. She told me yesterday while we were shopping she couldn't wait for him to get here.