Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Snowy Weekend!

(View from the backyard up on the hill.)

Well it has been an eventful week here as far as the weather is concerned. Starting with Thursday & Friday school was cancelled for being too cold. Now we only have one snow day left for the year and its only the 18th of January. Saturday morning when Steve drove home from work it was -13 degrees. The snow started to fall again sometime Saturday afternoon. I knew we were suppose to get a little but come 11:00pm there was alot on the ground. Steve's drive home Sunday morning took an hour when it is normally a 30 minute drive. We had about 10 inches by lunchtime Steve figured after he'd shoveled for the second time today. He hates to shovel because by the time the dogs run around it doesn't look like he has done anything. Gravy can't help it there is so much snow on the ground she has to jump through it to get anywhere.

The snow piled on the side railing.

Even the Coneflowers had their hats on.

Needless to say Sydney was back outside in full force. This time Angus was allowed out to play because we removed his stitches this morning. She ran all over throwing snowballs at him. With this being his first major snow he is not sure what to make of this he kept hiding from her. I figure he ate plenty of snow while he was playing with the numerous trips he needed to go back out. All his trips from here on out tonight will be supervised or I will be up all night.
Syd & Angus
You can see how hard the snow was falling.

Hiding from Syd behind the snowpile.

It was snowing hard but I don't remember it being painful.

Syd trying to make herself into a snowman.

Thank goodness it seems to have slowed down. We don't need another snow day! They already have off Wednesday for an in service day. Why in the middle of the week beats me! Hope everyone had as much fun this weekend as Sydney did.
Strike that I was just outside it is still snowing!! And coming down like mad!

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