Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Third One Down

It FINALLY happened this morning! Sydney finally lost her tooth that she has been working on since Christmas. Her Grandmother & her tried relentlessly to get it out while she was here. We all thought it was ready to go then. Obviously we were wrong.
So when I got home last night & had Sydney in the tub. I asked her" Did you lose your tooth?" "No" she said. She just had it pushed back to where I couldn't see it. She did say "it has a whole in it. " Well she had worked it to where it was pulled away from her gumline. I told her you need to get that out very soon because food can get caught in there. Well when she got up this morning she said "Look at my tooth now". Well needless to say she didn't go to bed right away because her tooth was only attached by the one corner. Who knows what time she finally fell asleep. Now my big concern was that she would lose it at school or she would swallow it. Either way would have been bad for us. So I told her it had to come out before school. She tried first! With more effort vocally than actual strength. Because when I finally got it out she didn't even feel it. Let's just say there was NO blood either.

She is very excited about a visit from the tooth fairy!
I must say that I do a double take when I look at her. She has noticed that her TH's sound like FF's.
All is back to normal. Tonight she had marshmallows for a snack. She stuck one in the hole and said " Mom, I have a new tooth. I think I will name it Steve." What the heck. Where do they come up with these things!!!

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