Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally in Alaska!

Jackie called last night with a message that they were "Still Alive! and finally back in the United States." They were staying in Tok, Alaska. Today, they will arrive in Eagle River which is there final destination with hopes of looking at the house where they are to be staying. Which is good because I thought they were going to be in a hotel til they found something.

She sounded really in really good spirits on the phone. Which is amazing after riding in the car for a week. She even made jokes that she could not believe the hotel they were at had internet service because there was only 3 things in "downtown" Tok, Alaska. Sounds like Rural Valley might be more of a metropolis very scary!!

She also said she has lots of crazy pictures to share so that should be interesting!
That's all I have for now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pearsall's Invade Regina Saskatchewan

I got a welcome surprise Monday night. Jackie called at a little after nine to say that they were in Canada. In Regina, Saskatchewan to be exact. Of course, if you know my sister she made fun of the name. Yes, to follow a episode of Seinfeld it rhymes with a female body part which Jackie found extremely amusing. I guess Aaron & her pronounced it wrong and were corrected by a local.
They seemed in good spirits and have had two driving days that they made it further than expected. Boone is also fairing well with stops for exercise at the rest areas to play ball. We did not talk long as Aaron was checking them in to a hotel.
Hopefully, they continue to have a safe and uneventful journey. I looked it up on Maquest they still have a little over 2400 miles to Anchorage. Yikes!
Look out Alaska here they come!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best Of Luck Aaron & Jackie

Have A Safe Trip!!

Just wanted to say best wishes to Jackie & Aaron as set they set out today for their new life in Alaska. I know this is a dream of Aaron's so I am glad they will have the opportunity to explore out there. Just think we will benefit from the pictures that Jackie better share with us! Although I am sad Jackie will not be here to see her nephew right away I have been promised she will come back & visit. Why should only one of my children be influenced by their CRAZY Aunt Jackie.

So keep them in your prayers as they have quite a journey set out in front of them. Maybe pray a little harder for Aaron as he has to be stuck in the car with my sister. (Just kidding but maybe not. Love ya sis!)

Don't forget about Boone he is also in for this trek across the country!

Safe travels!

Love You Guys!!

Nickie, Steve, & Sydney

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1st Assembly Project

Today was our first assembly project for the baby. I guess I should say Steve's first assembly project. I do believe that his first words were "Oh, Dear" when he opened the box.

Today he assembled the stroller/car seat combo. Of course this was all my doing. I wanted to make sure that at least the seat was together. I kept telling him our baby could come tomorrow and we would have no way to get him home. Of course if you know my husband there was eye rolling after this statement. He pretty laid back and thinks I am nuts. As I am 32 weeks along. So hopefully we won't be seeing him for a few more weeks. Still I like to be prepared. I figure if I am things are more likely not to happen. Crazy I know but I cannot help it.
Of course it went together pretty easily. I was not sure how it would be after he kept pulling out pieces from the box. I picked it because it was alot lighter than the one we had for Syd and seemed more manageable. Hopefully I was right and it will see alot of use walking around town.
Of course when Sydney got home she had to inspect it. She even took the car seat off to see how it worked. It was a little weird. I asked what she was doing. Her statement being I don't remember having one of these things I want to see what it does. She is one crazy little girl!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bradford, Relatives, Shopping & A Baby Shower

Well last weekend we went to Bradford to visit family and to attend the baby shower my Mom & cousin Amy were having for me. Syd was super excited because not only were her Aunt Jackie & Uncle Aaron going to be there she got to miss school on Friday. I figured with there future living arrangements in Alaska it might be awhile before we saw them. So we wanted some extra time. She had alot of fun & immediately took up with her Uncle Aaron whom she tormented the rest of the weekend. Sorry Aaron! (Luckily he is a VERY good sport!)

Of course going to Bradford in April the weather is not very cooperative! We ventured out anyway on Friday in the rain to do some shopping. We found this really great kid's consignment shop in Olean. So if you know of anyone in need of anything especially clothes send them there. It was insane. Then we were off for one of Aaron's favorite eats Tasta Pizza. It has been a long time since I have been there boy was it good. Brings back memories of middle school.

Saturday we had the baby shower. Only it did not rain it actually snowed a little (again it is Bradford). First surprise for everyone our cousin Jen came up with the twins Benjamin & Annamarie so that was exciting. I had alot of fun getting to see people from Evans our old church. These are people who have known me since I was in fifth grade. They are always supportive of our family. Of course the food was good. Aunt Cathy makes an AWESOME cake!! If you have never had a piece you are missing out. Amy was in charge of games which everyone seemed to get into.

I was lucky to receive a bunch of great gifts and salot of really cute clothes! The Little Man should be one well dressed baby. Big thanks to Mom and Amy for all they did. Also to Jackie I know she chipped in too. And for the rest of the family for helping out. Especially for Jackie superior cutting skills where the pasta salad is concerned! I don't have any pics yet Jackie took them & she is somewhere between Port Allegheny & New York. I am thankful she took a bunch for me. We will miss her photo taking skills after the baby gets here.

Saturday evening was a crazy one! I am sure we may have broken some fire code with all the people in my mom's house. It was like being back at Nana & Grandpa's for a holiday. We had beds set up on all available floor space. Between the 7 adults, 3 kids & 2 dogs I am sure the house breathed a sigh of relief Sunday evening.
It was fun seeing everyone time always seems to pass too quickly though!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Update

First of all as I write this it feels as if there is a circus going on inside my stomach. Needless to say he has not slowed down any. Steve said if he did I would get all paranoid which is probably true.

I had an appointment on the 26th just a regular visit. I am almost 31 weeks now so I get to go every 2 weeks. I found out at my appointment that I am measuring large for my due date. Incase you did not know they take a fundal measurement (which measures the size of your uterus on the outside of course). This happens for many reasons some being a large baby, alot of amniotic fluid, loose stomach muscles & some health issues.

Well they scheduled me for an ultrasound to check the size of the baby. Luckily, all was well with the baby we know for sure it is a boy. She measured the size of his head & other things. One which was the femur bone. She saw that & said "Wow! Who is the tall one in your family." She obviously did not see Steve when he walked in. She did realize when he stood up to go. It was pretty funny. Sorry the pics from the ultrasound are not real great. As they get older they actually take 2 shots & put them together as one. We did get one with his little boy parts but I figured you would want to pass on that.

So we found out that he is measuring the size of a baby that is 32 weeks old. Kind of scary because he is just entering the stage when he starts gaining body fat. As far as the measurements go they figure he is about 4lb already and is in the 98th percentile.

So with that news we will see what my doctor says on Tuesday when I go back.
And his big sister is ready for him to be here. She keeps asking when he is going to be here. maybe sooner then later!

As a side note Congrats to Karen & Clay on there new addition who should be here around October 2009! (I met Karen through Jackie when she was living in Watertown.)