Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best Of Luck Aaron & Jackie

Have A Safe Trip!!

Just wanted to say best wishes to Jackie & Aaron as set they set out today for their new life in Alaska. I know this is a dream of Aaron's so I am glad they will have the opportunity to explore out there. Just think we will benefit from the pictures that Jackie better share with us! Although I am sad Jackie will not be here to see her nephew right away I have been promised she will come back & visit. Why should only one of my children be influenced by their CRAZY Aunt Jackie.

So keep them in your prayers as they have quite a journey set out in front of them. Maybe pray a little harder for Aaron as he has to be stuck in the car with my sister. (Just kidding but maybe not. Love ya sis!)

Don't forget about Boone he is also in for this trek across the country!

Safe travels!

Love You Guys!!

Nickie, Steve, & Sydney

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Jackie: said...

thanks man! I am going to miss you!