Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pearsall's Invade Regina Saskatchewan

I got a welcome surprise Monday night. Jackie called at a little after nine to say that they were in Canada. In Regina, Saskatchewan to be exact. Of course, if you know my sister she made fun of the name. Yes, to follow a episode of Seinfeld it rhymes with a female body part which Jackie found extremely amusing. I guess Aaron & her pronounced it wrong and were corrected by a local.
They seemed in good spirits and have had two driving days that they made it further than expected. Boone is also fairing well with stops for exercise at the rest areas to play ball. We did not talk long as Aaron was checking them in to a hotel.
Hopefully, they continue to have a safe and uneventful journey. I looked it up on Maquest they still have a little over 2400 miles to Anchorage. Yikes!
Look out Alaska here they come!!

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Nate said...

HAHAHAHAHA... all she told me she was in British Columbia. That's boring!!!!!! ;) Regina is sooooo much more fun.