Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1st Assembly Project

Today was our first assembly project for the baby. I guess I should say Steve's first assembly project. I do believe that his first words were "Oh, Dear" when he opened the box.

Today he assembled the stroller/car seat combo. Of course this was all my doing. I wanted to make sure that at least the seat was together. I kept telling him our baby could come tomorrow and we would have no way to get him home. Of course if you know my husband there was eye rolling after this statement. He pretty laid back and thinks I am nuts. As I am 32 weeks along. So hopefully we won't be seeing him for a few more weeks. Still I like to be prepared. I figure if I am things are more likely not to happen. Crazy I know but I cannot help it.
Of course it went together pretty easily. I was not sure how it would be after he kept pulling out pieces from the box. I picked it because it was alot lighter than the one we had for Syd and seemed more manageable. Hopefully I was right and it will see alot of use walking around town.
Of course when Sydney got home she had to inspect it. She even took the car seat off to see how it worked. It was a little weird. I asked what she was doing. Her statement being I don't remember having one of these things I want to see what it does. She is one crazy little girl!


Jackie: said...

ha ha! She is a nut. Glad your first assembly was a success!

Carissa said...

Ahahaha! I remember trying to put the one you all got us for Will! It was quite a site at 9 months pregnant trying to do it by myself! Those things are a pain to put together, but nice when you need them!

Carissa said...

Hahaha! I remember trying to put together the one y'all got us from the practice! It was a site! 9 months pregnant and I got it all together by myself! Those things are a pain to put together, but really come in handy later.