Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Update

First of all as I write this it feels as if there is a circus going on inside my stomach. Needless to say he has not slowed down any. Steve said if he did I would get all paranoid which is probably true.

I had an appointment on the 26th just a regular visit. I am almost 31 weeks now so I get to go every 2 weeks. I found out at my appointment that I am measuring large for my due date. Incase you did not know they take a fundal measurement (which measures the size of your uterus on the outside of course). This happens for many reasons some being a large baby, alot of amniotic fluid, loose stomach muscles & some health issues.

Well they scheduled me for an ultrasound to check the size of the baby. Luckily, all was well with the baby we know for sure it is a boy. She measured the size of his head & other things. One which was the femur bone. She saw that & said "Wow! Who is the tall one in your family." She obviously did not see Steve when he walked in. She did realize when he stood up to go. It was pretty funny. Sorry the pics from the ultrasound are not real great. As they get older they actually take 2 shots & put them together as one. We did get one with his little boy parts but I figured you would want to pass on that.

So we found out that he is measuring the size of a baby that is 32 weeks old. Kind of scary because he is just entering the stage when he starts gaining body fat. As far as the measurements go they figure he is about 4lb already and is in the 98th percentile.

So with that news we will see what my doctor says on Tuesday when I go back.
And his big sister is ready for him to be here. She keeps asking when he is going to be here. maybe sooner then later!

As a side note Congrats to Karen & Clay on there new addition who should be here around October 2009! (I met Karen through Jackie when she was living in Watertown.)


Elizabeth said...

Exciting!!! Sounds like you'll have a strong healthy baby! Mine were both 9 pounders.

Nickie said...

That's what Steve was and 22 inches long. So we will see. Syd wasn't that big and she was 8 days late.

Karen said...

That is quite the baby update. My sister-in-law (Keeping Up with Madison and Luke) is a bit behind you but she also typically measure large. Thanks for the well wishes! :)