Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Kid Thing

As I watch Sydney growing up it makes me reminisce about things from my childhood. There are alot of things I remember Jackie & I doing. I am not sure if she remembers or not. One her friend Karen touched on running through the house in your socks and sliding. Well we went one step further and would spray Pledge on the floor to make sure we would really slide. (We did get along no matter what our parents say.) When Mom & Dad left to go for the evening if we got left Chef Boyardee we would eat it right away then have to scrap together something to eat at supper time. Watching TV after school and waiting 30 minutes til our parents got home to start our chores. One of the others Sydney has been doing for a little while but has recently perfected.

She sits and watches TV like this.

Do you remember doingAlign Center this as a kid? What other things do you remember doing?

PS. I know I blogged about her losing her tooth but she has also gotten a black eye at school and fell down the stairs in the past week! She fell tonight on her way to bed. She wants to know what is wrong with her. Klutzy stage here we come. Look Out!


obxfreak68 said...

I remember getting in trouble at Gram's for laying under the coffee table (the one you guys still have) and coloring on the underneath. You can probably still see it if you crawl under there - well, if you have syd crawl under ;)

Why I would ever do that is beyond me!

Jackie: said...

ha ha ha ha! She is so funny. That stinks about the black eye but kind of funny about the stairs! :o) You told all of our secrets! I forgot about some of those. Love it!

Elizabeth said...

WAHAHAHAHA!!! I used to do that all the time too. What's sad is that the thought of doing that now gives me a headache. Oh how we grow old fast.