Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They Have Arrived!

Well we got our phone call to pick up Sydney's girl scout cookies. So off we went to load up the car. After loading up our 17 cases of cookies we took a break before bringing them into the house. After huffing it up the stairs at the leaders house this pregnant chick was tired. Syd was a big help with running boxes to the car. Sydney's one observation about the whole thing was that "Cookies sell better than peanuts do!" (As they had sold peanuts earlier in the year.)

Well the child labor continued later as I called out what I needed Syd went to sorting and bagging cookies. It didn't take too terribly long. We had cookies everywhere though. Of course Syd wanted to keep all the boxes to make a fort. I guess they never grow out of that whole empty box thing. I let her keep them for a day as our living room is very small and things were everywhere. The funny part is we have al these cookies and Sydney has NO interest in eating any of them. I wish I could say the same thing I think they are Yummy!
(No harm was done in the handling of the cookies.)

A HUGE thanks to Mom & Chris for selling cookies at their respective work places. With their help she was able to sell 205 boxes of cookies!
Thanks to everyone who ordered we appreciate it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sydney's 1st Published Drawing

Sydney's drawing was chosen to appear in the local Kittanning paper. I guess the art teacher had them draw pictures of the different seasons. Lucklily we had a friend of hers call & tell us it was in there. Pretty cool huh?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Six Months and Counting

Well there has not been a whole lot going on here. We are just trying to survive the winter. I am well beyond being over it. Bring on Spring!!

As of last Sunday I am 6 months pregnant!! Just 105 more days to go. Things are going well so far. As of now my blood pressure is still in check. When I was pregnant with Syd it became an issue later in the pregnancy. So keep us in your prayers. He is still very active so that is good. Except when it catches me off guard and I kind of jump. It tends to make people wonder. Oh well, if they know me at all I am sure they were already wondering. My stomach looks like aliens are trying to get out. Sydney has seen him moving around she says it looks freaky. Of course normal everyday things are becoming an issue picking up things on the floor and tying my shoes has become a little more difficult.

(photo taken by Syd not bad huh?)

I just had to share this. I get lots of emails on pregnancy things and they had a link for this. Is this not right up my alley or what. Too funny!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top Dog in the Country

Sussex Spaniel Wins!!!!

Yeah, for "Stump"! This 10 year old dog won the country's top dog show last night. I am very glad as that is who I was rooting for. I must just like short legged long backed dogs. He was my pick when he won the group back in 2004. What an accomplishment to win the group 5 years ago then come back and win again. He became the oldest dog ever to win the show. After his big win 2004 he became very sick and almost died from unknown causes. I'm sure most of you won't agree but I am very glad the poodle or something very flashy did not win. As someone who has shown Bassets it is very hard to get the judge to take notice of a wonderful dog when it does not have alot of flare.

(photo courtesy

Congrats Stump!! You deserve it

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sydney's 8th Birthday Party

We had Sydney's party at the local bowling alley. We were very lucky as there were no other parties that day. Actually, there was only 3 other people there at the other end from us. I guess they heard there was a party coming.

The Party Group
We had 14 second graders in attendance. Let me say they were really really good. They paid attention to when it was their turn and cheering each other. We only had a couple we needed to keep moving. No one dropped balls on their toes or pinced anyone fingers YEAH!! It is always fun to watch kids get strikes & spares when there ball is traveling under 4mph. We had a couple of kids get over a hundred. Syd came really close with a 94. We were pretty impressed although, they were using bumpers. (I think everyone should be able to use bumpers when bowling. It would make me feel good about my bowling. )
The silly pic of the crew. They tried to do this first but I told them I needed a serious one first then they could be silly.
Steve lighting the candles.
We had pizza & cupcakes. All in all it was a good 2 hours.

After the party and deciding Syd's friend Katie was spending the night. (Momentary lack of insanity). Syd, Katie, Mom & I were off to eat & see Coraline at the movies. Thanks to Aunt Jackie & Uncle Aaron she had movie money. First we ate at Eat N Park were the girls had giggle meals. Then to the movies. Well this was a first because it was in 3D. It was really neat as we did not get the cheapo paper glasses. We actually got plastic glasses. the girls looked funny because they were so big. They reminded me of really bad Blues Brother glasses.
The movie was okay I have seen better but the girls really liked it so that's what counts.
The girls fell asleep on the way home only to wake up & start talking as soon as we got home. Luckily for me they were tired from all the running around and weren't too bad about going to sleep. Boy was I exhausted!!!

Spending Time With Grandma

Mom came down Thursday night after work thank goodness as Sydney did not have school on Friday. After all those snow days they had an inservice day. So she spent the night with Grandma at my Uncle Lou & Aunt Sally house (who are in FL). Of course Sydney was up early & ready to go. They went sled riding up on the hill. Where they came across a large herd of deer which I hear Syd was very excited to see as she said" I have never seen that many a one time." I guess we should be glad there was no trips to the doctor as they decided to ride down together. They ended up tumbling off and Mom kicked Sydney in the head. Mom bruised her hand really bad just going by herself. Maybe they need a babysitter to keep an eye in them while they are together. Sydney also was witness to a really large Fox Squirrel stealing from Aunt Sally's bird feeder.
They also decorated Sydney's valentine's box for school. Yeah I got out of that craft. Syd was pretty wore out when I got done with work on Friday. I guess working to clear the snow, crawling up the hill, sledding, going to the car wash & crafting was all she could handle.
I won't get into Mom building a fire and telling Syd to watch for smoke. Poor Aunt Sally when Syd goes to spend time with her will learn all the things that almost happened to her house.
Thanks MOM!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Sydney!


Hope you have a great day.

Can't believe how the time flies!!!

Syd & Flash

Syd & Rock

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Before the Party

Yes, I know I have already complained about people not RSVPing. But can you believe that I actually got 3 the day after the last RSVP date. And I got 2 yesterday the day before the party. One came at 9:00pm. What are you supposed to do tell them no your kid cannot come. That doesn't seem fair to the child. Although one mother said she did not get the invite til Friday. Knowing this child the way I do I find that totally possible. Thank goodness I did not cancel any of the bowling lanes.
So in just under 3 hours we will begining Syd's party with 15 second graders. I know it will be fine. I just hate the making sure I brought everything. Like did I forget the cupcakes, candles, paperplates, Sydney. Just kidding about her she would walk if she had too. I did forget the silverware last year. Thank goodness we don't live far away.
Later on you will have the joy of seeing pictures from the party. I know that you are WAY EXCITED.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sydney's Steeler Cheer

Per Elizabeth's request I am going to post the cheer that Sydney and her 2 friends made up for the Steelers going to the super bowl. Keep in mind they are 7 years old.

Let's Win This Game
We Know Your Colors Black & Gold
We're Going To Win The Super Bowl
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Let's Go!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A VERY Happy Sydney!!!

Well after a long wait for the game to start. Sydney came downstairs right at 6:oo to find out if the game started. She was a little dismayed that there was pregame stuff to sit through. She called "tails" for the coin toss only to be upset that it did not go their way. I could here her from the kitchen that the Cards had won the toss. It was very funny. So down she sat with her terrible towel. to wath her team. Her wondeful dad bought her a new one even though it oained him greatly. I wish we had some money for every question that she asked us. She tried to get me to let her stay up & watch the game. No deal.

So today she set off for school with her jersey on & her black & gold painted nails. What a crazy little person!!! It would make alot more sense if her father or I were big fans. She still does not understand why her dad does not like the Steelers. I don't think she ever will.
She sat with the towel the whole evening I thought she was going to spill her drink waving it around!!
Had to add this one.