Monday, February 9, 2009

Spending Time With Grandma

Mom came down Thursday night after work thank goodness as Sydney did not have school on Friday. After all those snow days they had an inservice day. So she spent the night with Grandma at my Uncle Lou & Aunt Sally house (who are in FL). Of course Sydney was up early & ready to go. They went sled riding up on the hill. Where they came across a large herd of deer which I hear Syd was very excited to see as she said" I have never seen that many a one time." I guess we should be glad there was no trips to the doctor as they decided to ride down together. They ended up tumbling off and Mom kicked Sydney in the head. Mom bruised her hand really bad just going by herself. Maybe they need a babysitter to keep an eye in them while they are together. Sydney also was witness to a really large Fox Squirrel stealing from Aunt Sally's bird feeder.
They also decorated Sydney's valentine's box for school. Yeah I got out of that craft. Syd was pretty wore out when I got done with work on Friday. I guess working to clear the snow, crawling up the hill, sledding, going to the car wash & crafting was all she could handle.
I won't get into Mom building a fire and telling Syd to watch for smoke. Poor Aunt Sally when Syd goes to spend time with her will learn all the things that almost happened to her house.
Thanks MOM!!!

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