Thursday, February 19, 2009

Six Months and Counting

Well there has not been a whole lot going on here. We are just trying to survive the winter. I am well beyond being over it. Bring on Spring!!

As of last Sunday I am 6 months pregnant!! Just 105 more days to go. Things are going well so far. As of now my blood pressure is still in check. When I was pregnant with Syd it became an issue later in the pregnancy. So keep us in your prayers. He is still very active so that is good. Except when it catches me off guard and I kind of jump. It tends to make people wonder. Oh well, if they know me at all I am sure they were already wondering. My stomach looks like aliens are trying to get out. Sydney has seen him moving around she says it looks freaky. Of course normal everyday things are becoming an issue picking up things on the floor and tying my shoes has become a little more difficult.

(photo taken by Syd not bad huh?)

I just had to share this. I get lots of emails on pregnancy things and they had a link for this. Is this not right up my alley or what. Too funny!!


Mandy said... the belly pic! Glad to hear things are going well! :)

Jackie: said...

Yeah on the belly! I was wondering what you looked like. Tell Syd great job with the pic!