Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They Have Arrived!

Well we got our phone call to pick up Sydney's girl scout cookies. So off we went to load up the car. After loading up our 17 cases of cookies we took a break before bringing them into the house. After huffing it up the stairs at the leaders house this pregnant chick was tired. Syd was a big help with running boxes to the car. Sydney's one observation about the whole thing was that "Cookies sell better than peanuts do!" (As they had sold peanuts earlier in the year.)

Well the child labor continued later as I called out what I needed Syd went to sorting and bagging cookies. It didn't take too terribly long. We had cookies everywhere though. Of course Syd wanted to keep all the boxes to make a fort. I guess they never grow out of that whole empty box thing. I let her keep them for a day as our living room is very small and things were everywhere. The funny part is we have al these cookies and Sydney has NO interest in eating any of them. I wish I could say the same thing I think they are Yummy!
(No harm was done in the handling of the cookies.)

A HUGE thanks to Mom & Chris for selling cookies at their respective work places. With their help she was able to sell 205 boxes of cookies!
Thanks to everyone who ordered we appreciate it!


Jackie: said...

Yeah for girl scout cookies! I love the ones we got!

Elizabeth said...

OMG!!!!! That would be SO dangerous to have that many boxes of girl scout cookies in the house.