Monday, February 9, 2009

Sydney's 8th Birthday Party

We had Sydney's party at the local bowling alley. We were very lucky as there were no other parties that day. Actually, there was only 3 other people there at the other end from us. I guess they heard there was a party coming.

The Party Group
We had 14 second graders in attendance. Let me say they were really really good. They paid attention to when it was their turn and cheering each other. We only had a couple we needed to keep moving. No one dropped balls on their toes or pinced anyone fingers YEAH!! It is always fun to watch kids get strikes & spares when there ball is traveling under 4mph. We had a couple of kids get over a hundred. Syd came really close with a 94. We were pretty impressed although, they were using bumpers. (I think everyone should be able to use bumpers when bowling. It would make me feel good about my bowling. )
The silly pic of the crew. They tried to do this first but I told them I needed a serious one first then they could be silly.
Steve lighting the candles.
We had pizza & cupcakes. All in all it was a good 2 hours.

After the party and deciding Syd's friend Katie was spending the night. (Momentary lack of insanity). Syd, Katie, Mom & I were off to eat & see Coraline at the movies. Thanks to Aunt Jackie & Uncle Aaron she had movie money. First we ate at Eat N Park were the girls had giggle meals. Then to the movies. Well this was a first because it was in 3D. It was really neat as we did not get the cheapo paper glasses. We actually got plastic glasses. the girls looked funny because they were so big. They reminded me of really bad Blues Brother glasses.
The movie was okay I have seen better but the girls really liked it so that's what counts.
The girls fell asleep on the way home only to wake up & start talking as soon as we got home. Luckily for me they were tired from all the running around and weren't too bad about going to sleep. Boy was I exhausted!!!


Jackie: said...

What a cool day!

Schmoopy, Sheesha, RB, Bubbles said...

Oh my word,14 2nd graders? Steve and I am not sure how we are going to cope this Saturday at the roller rink with only 10 3rd graders. We must be freaking out for nothing. Love the funny face group shot. I can't believe they stood there that long for photo's.