Monday, February 2, 2009

A VERY Happy Sydney!!!

Well after a long wait for the game to start. Sydney came downstairs right at 6:oo to find out if the game started. She was a little dismayed that there was pregame stuff to sit through. She called "tails" for the coin toss only to be upset that it did not go their way. I could here her from the kitchen that the Cards had won the toss. It was very funny. So down she sat with her terrible towel. to wath her team. Her wondeful dad bought her a new one even though it oained him greatly. I wish we had some money for every question that she asked us. She tried to get me to let her stay up & watch the game. No deal.

So today she set off for school with her jersey on & her black & gold painted nails. What a crazy little person!!! It would make alot more sense if her father or I were big fans. She still does not understand why her dad does not like the Steelers. I don't think she ever will.
She sat with the towel the whole evening I thought she was going to spill her drink waving it around!!
Had to add this one.


obxfreak68 said...

*Just a note on the possibility of the swinging towel spilling the drink - please let her know you never, I mean NEVER, resort to using your Terrible Towel to sop up any sticky messes - sacrilege! - unless you are literally at an actual game and cleaning snow off your seat :)

Nickie said...

Steve told he was going to wipe up something with it. She had a fit. So I think you are safe there.

Elizabeth said...

ha ha - that's funny.