Saturday, February 7, 2009

Before the Party

Yes, I know I have already complained about people not RSVPing. But can you believe that I actually got 3 the day after the last RSVP date. And I got 2 yesterday the day before the party. One came at 9:00pm. What are you supposed to do tell them no your kid cannot come. That doesn't seem fair to the child. Although one mother said she did not get the invite til Friday. Knowing this child the way I do I find that totally possible. Thank goodness I did not cancel any of the bowling lanes.
So in just under 3 hours we will begining Syd's party with 15 second graders. I know it will be fine. I just hate the making sure I brought everything. Like did I forget the cupcakes, candles, paperplates, Sydney. Just kidding about her she would walk if she had too. I did forget the silverware last year. Thank goodness we don't live far away.
Later on you will have the joy of seeing pictures from the party. I know that you are WAY EXCITED.


Elizabeth said...

UGH!!! That's so frustrating. When Will turned 3, one mother didn't RSVP at all, and she brought her kid AND his brother to Will's party. We had to scramble during the party to come up with two extra goodie bags.. Come On!!!

Anyway - I hope the bowling party was fun. Yay - and "Happy Birthday" to Syd!

Nickie said...

I thought you would appreciate that. After what you went through with Will's party. People are amazing. Party went great though the kids were really good.

Jackie: said...

Can't wait to see pics!!