Monday, March 16, 2009

To Louisville & Back!

On Thursday morning I left to head to Louisville, Ky. First stop was not very far away I went to my friend Bob's house in Pittsburgh. I rode down with Bob who was going to the dog show. I was taking Gravy to meet up Sandra. The trip was fun but a long one in a short period of time. I am really glad I was able to go. Everyone here could not believe I took a trip like that being 7 months pregnant. A road trip with having to stop and go to the bathroom may not be the best idea.
Of course I was able to attend the dog show which last four 5 days and has a daily entry of about 3300 dogs. It is insane and fun all at the same time. Well I guess if you are into those things. I was able to visit with people I have not seen in a couple of years. Nothing like good friends and good food!!
Thanks to my Mom and Amy who kept up Syd so I could go!! And big thanks to my hubby who was okay with it too! (He was just excited to be able to get rid of the dog.) I still love him though!

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