Friday, April 10, 2009

Bradford, Relatives, Shopping & A Baby Shower

Well last weekend we went to Bradford to visit family and to attend the baby shower my Mom & cousin Amy were having for me. Syd was super excited because not only were her Aunt Jackie & Uncle Aaron going to be there she got to miss school on Friday. I figured with there future living arrangements in Alaska it might be awhile before we saw them. So we wanted some extra time. She had alot of fun & immediately took up with her Uncle Aaron whom she tormented the rest of the weekend. Sorry Aaron! (Luckily he is a VERY good sport!)

Of course going to Bradford in April the weather is not very cooperative! We ventured out anyway on Friday in the rain to do some shopping. We found this really great kid's consignment shop in Olean. So if you know of anyone in need of anything especially clothes send them there. It was insane. Then we were off for one of Aaron's favorite eats Tasta Pizza. It has been a long time since I have been there boy was it good. Brings back memories of middle school.

Saturday we had the baby shower. Only it did not rain it actually snowed a little (again it is Bradford). First surprise for everyone our cousin Jen came up with the twins Benjamin & Annamarie so that was exciting. I had alot of fun getting to see people from Evans our old church. These are people who have known me since I was in fifth grade. They are always supportive of our family. Of course the food was good. Aunt Cathy makes an AWESOME cake!! If you have never had a piece you are missing out. Amy was in charge of games which everyone seemed to get into.

I was lucky to receive a bunch of great gifts and salot of really cute clothes! The Little Man should be one well dressed baby. Big thanks to Mom and Amy for all they did. Also to Jackie I know she chipped in too. And for the rest of the family for helping out. Especially for Jackie superior cutting skills where the pasta salad is concerned! I don't have any pics yet Jackie took them & she is somewhere between Port Allegheny & New York. I am thankful she took a bunch for me. We will miss her photo taking skills after the baby gets here.

Saturday evening was a crazy one! I am sure we may have broken some fire code with all the people in my mom's house. It was like being back at Nana & Grandpa's for a holiday. We had beds set up on all available floor space. Between the 7 adults, 3 kids & 2 dogs I am sure the house breathed a sigh of relief Sunday evening.
It was fun seeing everyone time always seems to pass too quickly though!

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