Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Few Quick Things

Just a few quick things I have come across over the past few days:

1. Why is there sodium in Jello? Actually a good bit for the amount of serving. If you are watching your sodium the generic kind at Walmart has quite a bit less than the name brand.

2. We have used all of our snow days for the year and it is only the end of January. Sydney thinks they are never going to make it to the 100 day mark. Which normally they celebrate with pride.

3. Why are there reruns on already. I know they do this when something else big is on another station. But what the heck is on that CBS is running reruns.

4. Steve working the night shift makes me worry! He drives in at 9:30pm and drives home 6:30am. During these times the conditions of the road are horrendous! He says I worry too much. No matter what time he was out I would be worried. (Probably true.)

5. People are not good at RSVPing for parties. If you are one of these people please try to do better.

6. I am having a blast catching up with all of my school friends on Facebook.

This is not a complaint just a statement of fact. If the baby moves around as much as it is now. We are in SERIOUS trouble!!! (I realize some of it is hiccups but there is alot going on in there.)

These are in no particular order the one about Steve driving totally freaks me out!


Jackie: said...

Maybe you have another baby hiding in there and you don't even know it. Ha ha ha!

Nickie said...

OMG that is not even funny!!! No there was only one.

Nate and Jason said...

You worry too much!!!! HA!
And reruns? Already. That's why I don't watch CBS!

Elizabeth said...

Seriously on the #5. We had William's party recently and when nobody rsvped by the week before, we sent out ANOTHER reminder to rsvp. We still didn't get responses until a day or two before the party. Don't people know how stressful that is??? I was thinking of canceling b/c I assumed nobody was going to show up!