Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Bowl Bound


Well is official! The Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl on February 1,2009. Now Sydney will be totally excited about her Steelers going to the bowl. I am sure she will let her Dad know about it. Most of our relatives are apart of the Steeler Nation. As you know Steve is not. It will be interesting to watch Ken Wisenhunt head coach of Arizona go up against the team he used to be the offensive coordinator for. And of course there is our Redskins connection in Russ Grimm the assistant head coach for Arizona. One of the original renowned "hogs" who played guard for the Skins for 11 seasons. Who hopefully will get in the Hall Of Fame this year. Who can't help but pull for Kurt Warner as a veteran quarterback who used to be a stock boy at a grocery store before playing in the Arena League. Not to mention how they turned their season around.

Yeah, Yeah I know most of my family is about to have a stroke reading this. Kudos to Mike Tomlin who in his second season as head coach has lead his team to the bowl. I must say I was worried through most of the game that the Ravens may come back & beat the Steelers. I am very happy for my Steeler Nation family for the accomplishment of their team.

Come Feb 1st though we'll see who Steve & I pull for. Rest assured there will be one very excited 7 year old who will be running around in her Steeler garb with her terrible towel once she finds it.

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obxfreak68 said...

Hey - the whole grocery store stock boy connection you have with Warner means nothing. Todd was a stock boy for 6 years....and he feels nothing for ole Kurt :)
GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!