Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who is here???

                      That is the question Syd asked as we turned the corner to our house. My response being I don't know. We need to go find your Dad. As she went running to see who was at the house I waited for her to come back. She kept asking her Dad who was here his answer being the Easter Bunny left it. After a good bit of torture he finally admitted it was his.
How do you like Steve's spaceship? (That is what my cousin Chris said it looked like.)

Yes, even though it looks too small. Steve has plenty of head & leg room. Syd also has plenty of room sitting behind him. He was glad to give up the extra space of his old car to have one with better gas mileage. Also little things like air conditioning & rolling down his window were also a perk

Syd at the wheel. Heaven help us it will happen all too soon. She said she could drive now because she could reach the pedal with the seat up. UGH!
Anderson thought it was pretty funny.


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