Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day in TN

Our first stop was to visit Aunt Beullah & Aunt Sharon. Lucky for Syd, Chloe was there too. So they were able to play together. And of course that led to more plans for them to get together later in the week.
Anderson had fun showing off his ball handling skills. I think Aunt Beullah was really impressed.

Of course Anderson was at the receiving end of tons of hugs from Aunt Sharon.

Then we went to one of Sydney's favorite places Old McDonald's Farm Putt Putt. This is a must stop at least once (sometimes more) while we are visiting. There is actually three different courses one is cows, pigs & chickens.
Everytime one of us hit the ball Anderson squealed & waved his hands around. It was hysterical. Although with 4 people playing there was alot of squealing. Did I mention the kid loves to play ball? He doesn't care what kind of ball just as long as he can play with it.

We also stopped over for dinner at Uncle Michael's and Aunt Kelley's house. While Anderson had a blast playing in the water all the other cousins were busy running and sliding into the water. You should of seen his face when they came down the slide and the cool water came up on his back. It was priceless.

The Cousins
Riley, Logan, Anderson, Sydney & Emma
You can see the great slide in the back.

 Did I mention Anderson has found a new favorite desert? Unlike his sister he thinks ice cream is AWESOME!!

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