Monday, September 7, 2009

On Sunday September the Rural Valley community dedicated it newly finished Shannock Valley War Memorial. The memorial is located at our community park. It was an amazing day it was really hot but fortunately we had a wonderful breeze. There was several hundred people there it was great to see so many people there to honor our veterans.

The ceremony started with flags being raised and the posting of the colors. Everyone joined in with singing the Star Spangled Banner & saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Kittanning Firemen's Band played all the songs from the different branches of service. They had everyone who served stand when there service song was played. I am not sure of his name but one of the soldiers that was up front helping was from the Army, when they played their song he stood out front and sang. It was great totally spur of the moment and you could hear the pride in his voice.
They had several speakers all boosting every ones patriotism.
I am so glad that I was able to go and see the dedication. It is hard to put into words how thankful I am to of all the servicemen who have made the commitment to serve our country. With so many of my relatives having been in the service and my brother in law and many friends in the Middle East right now I realize what a sacrifice it is. These people give up being with their families. Several of them are away from there children and are missing out on watching them grow.
Somehow saying thank you does not seem like enough!
Flags being brought in.

Mourning procession for the fallen soldiers.

The Kittanning Firemen's Band

Rifle Salute

The Shannock Valley War Memorial
The memorial has the names of 87 local servicemen who did not return from duty. These names on the black wall in the center. All around on the floor of the memorial our bricks that have been engraved with the names of servicemen.
The kids and I walked back down Sunday evening to get the photos of the memorial & bricks. There was so many people there it would of taken me forever to get photos.

Our grandfathers brick.


Jackie: said...

Yeah for Grandpap's brick!!!

obxfreak68 said...

Thanks for the pics. Todd and I were at camp and missed the dedication. I second Jackie's comment: Yay for Grandpap's brick.

Nickie said...

It was really neat. I really want to go down & see it lit up.
Did Opal get to go?