Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Watermelon & Tomatoes

At the beginning of summer Steve bought Sydney a watermelon plant for fun. None of us figured anything would actually happen. Man did that thing take over it even grew up into my tomato plants. Which is a story in its self. Well as summer progressed there were tons of blossoms. We did end up with one good sized watermelon. We noticed some others but they disappeared. The fruit of their efforts.
I am sad to say when I cut it thought it was not ripe all the way :(

This watermelon was a late bloomer that was hanging from the tomato plant.
Syd took the photo so it is close up. But it is about 5-6 inches long.
Unfortunately, our tomato plants did not fair as well. We or at least I (no one else eats the tomatoes) was really hopeful. The plants were huge & had tons of tomatoes on them. Well we ended up having a "blight". They say many things factor in to cause a blight. Most seem to think our overly wet summer did not help things. Needless to say tomatoes are in high demand around us because everyone were bad. The Cherry Tomatoes were just fine though. You should of seen me slicing them to put on a sandwich pretty funny.

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