Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4 Month Checkup

Tuesday Steve & I took Anderson for his four month checkup. Lucky for me Steve was off & got to go also. Everything went really well Anderson thought the doctor was pretty funny while his was getting his exam. He did not think the shots were so great but stopped crying as soon as I picked him up.

Well the big news literally is that Anderson weighs 19lbs & 4 oz. And he is almost 28" long.

Alot of our visit was spent discussing Anderson's future menus. When we should start solids, how long he eats each thing & what to watch for incase one doesn't agree with him. After learning he was where he should be for his age we left for the store. We picked up a variety of veggies & fruits for him to try. He is suppose to eat one for 4 days & it was at our discretion which ones we give him.

Well Sydney decided his first meal should be sweet potatoes. Although she will not eat them she was going to make her brother eat them. Amazingly enough he was not too bad for his first solids. He seemed to enjoy them and when he thought I wasn't going fast enough got a little mad at me. We really didn't even get a nasty faces. We hope all the others go just as well.

Here is a little video. Sydney is taking it so it is not the greatest. Volume is not really needed unless you want to hear Steve talk about what was in the baby food. So please forgive my family for talking!

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