Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Visiting Family

Sydney, Jasmine, Anderson, MomMom, Mason, & Madison

This past weekend the kids and I packed up to go visit family at Alicia & MomMom houses. The car trip was about four hours so it was Anderson's longest car ride to date. Thank goodness both kids travel well. He slept most of the way and she of course asked questions most of the way. She was pretty excited about seeing Jasmine and Madison so sleeping was not an option for her. Of course rain was our travel partner for a majority of the trip. Sydney did spot some wind turbines on the way down. She actually scared me when she was trying to point them out. I thought something was wrong.

This was the first time for us to see Alicia and Steve's baby Mason and the first everyone had seen Anderson. Friday night was spent mostly catching up and feeding babies. Also wondering what the girls were doing that was making so much noise. And if they were asleep yet.
Mason Ray Fowler

Anderson & Mason marching together.

Can you believe we have to do this? These people are CRAZY!!


On Saturday Anderson and I went down to MD. Sydney stayed in York with Steve and the girls. They had a whole day of fun planned. Poor Steve! First they went to Madison's soccer game. Then later they were suppose to go to Hershey Park to trick or treat. Well of course the weather made this impossible. Luckily they hadn't paid to get in yet. Of course the girls were bummed out until they heard mention of Chuck E Cheese and roller skating. From what I heard from Steve, Sydney quickly caught on and was zipping around in no time. The rink looked really nice they even had a separate part for beginner skaters. A huge thanks to Steve for letting Sydney tag along and being so nice to her. She had a blast!!

Sunday was spent with a little more visiting, a good breakfast, a little shopping and lots of driving. Our trip home was alot nicer. This time Syd slept almost all the way home. We did try to find the wind turbines again unfortunately I couldn't get as good a picture. There was a bunch of them it was neat to see.
Some of the wind turbines we saw.

Beautiful fall colors.

Thanks to everyone we had a really great time. It was really nice to see everyone.

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