Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Over the River & Through The Woods...

We didn't get to Mom's until 11:30pm Christmas Eve. As we decided to leave after Steve got done from work because bad weather was moving in. Amazing how happy a little boy be that late at night. Although, it was pretty strange to hear him babbling in the backseat in the complete dark. With his sister yelling for us to make him be quiet. What a good sport he was.

Even though we got in late Syd was very excited to see what Santa had brought her. We managed to make it to 7:30. This is Anderson doing his morning exercises.

Sydney with her new MP3 player from Grandma Terry & Roger. I don't even have my own yet. Aunt Jackie & Uncle Aaron got her speakers so she could play it in her room.

Sydney finally got a Wii. Well actually the whole family did. Thank you Grandma Betsy! The whole family had a blast playing the games.

Anderson in his new ride Santa brought him.

Sydney & Anderson after we were done opening gifts. She really does love her little brother!

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