Thursday, March 18, 2010

And The Winner Is......

Shannock Valley B
Congratulations Girls on the tournament win & going undefeated!!

Well we survived the tournament very well as you can see. The girls did a great job and won all of their games. They were pretty tired by the end of the day.
All of the teams were made up of third & fourth grade girls. Let me say I learned alot that day. Now I am one who cheers & sometimes yells (never at anyone elses kid mostly defense & hands up) from the stands. (Go figure huh? Sorry it is in my nature I grew up with a Dad hollering at me to sacrifice my body while playing second base in the church softball league. Seriously, Dad grown men hitting the ball at me. What were you thinking?) These parents from the other schools were down right ruthless. Normally the one school has four teams well they combined all their good players for one "super" team. Those parents were actually banging the bleacher for foul shots. Hello People! They are in third & fourth grade. Our lucky girls had to play them twice. We did have some folks from our side start to bang in the championship game but our coach put an end to that quickly. Good for him. He told his team that they didn't need to do that to win.
I would like to say that I think there is something in the water in a couple of these towns their girls were huge. They were all taller than our tallest girl. When you are a head shorter than your opponent it gets a bit rough. Our girls were in there with the best of them. Lots of bumps & bruises but held their own.

A great thing happened that day though and I was so proud of our girls. The Dayton team has a girl who has Down's Syndrome I believe her name is "Evie" Well when she got the ball and yes her teammates passed it to her several times our girls backed away so she could try & do something with it. Well wouldn't you know it she dribbled halfway down the lane and lined up for a granny shot. And it went in!! That gym erupted into cheers & clapping. it was the most amazing feeling. I am so proud our girls have that kind of good sportsmanship.

Sydney & Anderson posing with her trophy. That is the closet he has been to it since.