Friday, May 8, 2009

Field Trip To The Zoo

A few Thursdays ago was the field trip for the second grade at Shannock Elementary. They go to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium. This amounted to 2 very loud school buses, 60 kids, & about 14 chaperones. It was a big debate as to whether I should go on the trip being 35 weeks pregnant. With the go ahead from my doctor on Wednesday I was ready to go. I was told to drink plenty of water. Great extra water and I already have to go to the bathroom all the time.

Sydney's second grade class.
Of course the kids were all hyped up even the ones that had been there before. If you have not been to the zoo in Pittsburgh it is really nice. It ranks in the top 3 for zoos in the country for kids. Amazingly enough it is about 3 miles from downtown Pittsburgh. When you enter you ride this very very steep escalator up to the top of the hill and start your zoo experience.
We were able to get quite a few good photos of the animals. Some only wanted to show us there backsides. Which of course to a bunch of 8 year olds was hysterical!

This guy is always ready to pose for a picture.
The Polar Bears were not cooperating today. I don't think Syd will ever see them in the water. But the guy below was having a blast in his water area!

Last year the zoo had 2 elephant calves & baby otters. We got to see one elephant calf she was quite active and came right up front.
All we got to see of the otters were their backsides hanging out of the log. Again with the backsides.

A snack before the ride home.
Fun was had by all and everyone returned to school safely. They have announced that one of the seals is now pregnant so I guess that will be the next trip to the zoo.


OBXfreak68 said...

Really nice pics, Nick - especially the elephant, how sweet was that!
Seems like the kids had a really good time:)

Jackie: said...

how cool! we might check out the anchorage zoo this weekend. Glad she had fun!

Mandy said...

You are a trooper - being 35 weeks pregnant sounds like the perfect excuse NOT to chaperone a zoo trip to me! ;) Sounds like it was a fun time though! G is there with her class today.