Thursday, May 21, 2009

A House Divided

As you have seen from some of the posts Steve & Sydney have a disagreement when it somes to favorite football teams. Steve has been a Washington Redskins fan since before I met him. He takes alot a grief from the family and friends about it. Sydney has taken to pulling for the Pittsburgh Steelers which fits into our locale.

We have received some gifts with the new baby coming. One was for Sydney its is from her Grandma Worthington. She had it made for her. Of course Syd was pretty stoked.

After Steve seen this his comments were that the baby will not wear any Steeler garb and will only wear Redskins. So save your money people.

Luckily, we also received a oneies which was favorable to Steve's team. Jackie also sent a Redskins sleeper for when he is older. (I would post a pic but it is under things I cannot lift.)

Should be interesting as the baby gets older!

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