Monday, June 29, 2009


Last week Grandma Betsy & Aunt Elizabeth came from Tennessee to visit. It was nice to catch up as we have not seen them in awhile. We had a nice relaxing visit. As we came to realize with the addition of Anderson traveling with everyone in one car becomes a problem. We went to Smicksburg and saw lots of Amish working & riding in their buggies. We also went to the zoo. Anyone that knows Syd & I knows that we LOVE the zoo. Our trip down was eventful in its self we were almost taken about by a box truck. He came so close to our car it was crazy. Steve said he almost got someone else after we got around him. It was SCARY!!
The Pittsburgh Zoo had another addition on the 13th they had their first baby seal so Syd was looking forward to seeing her. It was Steve, Anderson & Elizabeth's first trip to the zoo. I think they all enjoyed it. Anderson had a good time looking around, napping & getting all the complements from other visitors. We saw lots of babies, both elephants, orangutan, 4 beavers, and a seal. Baby seals are born not knowing how to swim,so as she kept running along the edge and fell in. Her mother actually dunked her underwater & pulled her by her flipper then flipped her out of the water it was really neat to see. Although, the baby seal was scared after that she ran to the door to go inside. We did get to see the polar bear swimming around he came up right in front of Syd. They also have a tunnel so you can see from underneath. He jumped in right over Syd's head. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I do not have any photos. Elizabeth said she would email what she took with her phone. Hopefully I will have a couple to share later.
Grandma Betsy & Elizabeth headed home early Saturday morning. Sydney had alot of fun playing with Aunt Elizabeth for all those days. We want thank them for everything.

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