Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Run Sydney Run

Sydney had field day towards the end of school. Boy did she have a busy day! I was helping at school when they signed up for things and could not believe some of the events she volunteered for. They compete against the other two second grade classes. There is always at least 3 or 4 from each class in each event.
The day started out looking like they might get rained out but cleared up enough she came home with sunburn on the back of her legs. I was glad my very preggo self felt well enough to go & watch her compete at least for the first half of the day.
First event was the Girl's Basketball Relay which they placed 1st in.

Next was the Bowling Pin Relay. They had to carry 7 pins back & forth without dropping them. She was the only one with elastic band so they could stuff her full of pins. They place 3rd in this event.

Then off to the Long Run. As we were walking to the football field she told me she did not want to do this one. I explained that she signed up for it & needed to try her best for her class. For this event you have to run the length of the football field up &back. Yikes! I was so glad I got to see her do this one and was so proud of her because she tried so hard. Sorry the picture is not a close one but it shows you how much she won by. She's a little speedy gonzales unlike her mother.

This is the Three Legged Race. When I asked how this one went because it was in the afternoon her response was "Not so well." Which informed me not to ask any further questions. Her partner was Madison not exactly a good match for height.

This picture is of the Mixed Relay. Which has 2 boys & 2 girls running in it. They each have to run one length of the football field. On her team was Lance, Emma, & Allen. You can't really see the look of determination on her face it is too funny. She ran the 3rd leg of the race with Allen running at the end. Allen happened to win the Long run for the boys so having Syd & him on there team was a very good thing. Another 1st place!!

Her last event was the Individual Tug Of War. Why she thought this was a good idea I have no idea. She has no fat on her body at all. But bless her heart she came in 2nd place.

My friend Lorene was kind enough to take pictures for me. I don't have pics of the Long Jump which she placed 1st in. Also, there was the Wheelbarrow race. Which was another "Not so well." She had a great day! Needless to say she was exhausted for the baseball game she had later that night.

Here is a picture of her ribbons. Great job Syd! Okay I am done bragging now.


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Holy cow - she kicked major booty! Great job Syd!! :)