Friday, June 5, 2009

No Denying This One

A running joke with Steve & I is me referring to Sydney as his child. His response is always you can't prove it. Well with Anderson that cannot be said.
As I had posted earlier the first thing Steve said when he saw his son was "He looks just like me." We have a few baby pictures of him so we got those out to look at when we got home.

Steve at 3 days old.

Anderson couple hours old.

Steve at 4 weeks old.

Anderson at 5 days old.

Anderson is doing well. Still has his nights and days backwards but that is to be expected. Steve & I are a little tired but that also is par for the course. Steve goes back to work thursday afternoon so keep me in your thoughts.


obxfreak68 said...

How freakin' cute is Anderson! That pic of him at 5 days old is handsome!
What a little heartbreaker. He really does look like Steve- it's so obvious.

Jackie: said...

Wow! He does look a lot like Steve!