Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fourth of July

To continue on with our trip north for 4Th of July. We were at Grandma Marysue's house. Which was a work weekend on the house & yard. Well not for me because of the baby. Hard to do anything when you are running around holding a baby. (My Uncle Lou said next time I will have to do double to make up for it.) Many things were accomplished from cutting down trees & burning them, painting, staining decks, taking out electrical wires & many other things there was a long list. Sydney was a trooper & helped alot. And there was no complaining until I told her she had to get out of the creek & get ready for dinner.Syd & mom working the wheelbarrow
Like their rubber boots?

Child labor laws what are those?

Gunner & Angus helping clear the brush.Syd & Anderson goofing off.

Playing in the creek after working hard.

We had a really nice family picnic also. Luckily cousins James & Parker came with Uncle Bill & Aunt Cathy so Syd had kids to play with. Uncle Ralph, Aunt Susan, Uncle Lou & Aunt Sally were also there. Everyone got a chance to eat good food, catch up and play some games. James, Parker, & Sydney in the creek.

Aunt Susan & Syd playing lawn darts.Another game not sure what it is called. You have a rope with a golf ball on each end. You try to get them on 3 levels that give you different points. It can be quite challenging because the other team can cancel you out. Aunt Susan & I beat everyone. Yeah us!!

Aunt Cathy & Anderson

Anderson got to meet & sit with all his other Aunts & Uncles. He was a good boy and enjoyed himself.

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