Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shhhhhhh...were hunting squirrels!

Last Thursday about mid morning, I decided to leave on our weekend trip a day early. Anderson had napped so well in the A.M. I got everything packed and decided to leave after his lunch and head north. Our trip up was really great! I will not even complain about the rain. I was just grateful both kids were good. Anderson slept the whole way and Syd watched out the window. She has decided that she likes sitting in the middle seat next to her brother because she gets to have the air directly hit her. Other than the occasional are we almost there she was good too.

Once at Grandpa's we visited, ate some dinner, then headed to Olean for our squirrel hunt.
Twice during the day Syd asked if we were going to the town with all the squirrels. I will blame this on my Dad because he has drove her around Olean to look at the different squirrels. I know some of you are thinking why are there squirrel statues around Olean. I wonder the same thing too. So here is what I have found it is called Woodland In The City. They are a non-profit organization that showcases local artists. The money raised is to fund a museum for children. They have 26 squirrel statues around Olean. We saw between 10-15 and took pics with 5. I told my Dad it was his job to get the other photos with the squirrels.
Syd's fav "Ronald McSquirrel"

I do not remember the names of the last two. It was just too much squirrel knowledge for me. Syd is going to Grandpa's for VBS later in the summer will see if she somes home with anymore photos.


Fran said...

Cute! Cincinnati does this too... but with pigs. There is an historical reason, but it's boring :)

Jackie: said...

HA HA HA! I can't believe she loves those things so much. That is great!