Monday, July 20, 2009

Going To See Nanny

Nanny & Anderson

Nanny (as Sydney call her we call her Gram) and Anderson have finally met. I waited awhile for him to be a little older with her living in a assisted living home. Althou
gh, I am not sure either of them will remember it was nice to get a picture of him with his great grandmother.
Aunt Pat talking to Anderson about his weird family.
Sydney getting in her time.

Our cousin Chris & Syd I really like this one.


Jackie: said...

I am so glad that Grammy got to see him, even if she won't remember tomorrow. It was a great pic!

OBXfreak68 said...

Pics came out good! You'll be glad you got that one of Gram and Anderson.

Jackie: said...

PS I just noticed Anderson had a giraffe shirt on. Very appropriate for Grammy! Did she notice?

Nickie said...

No Jack she didn't.