Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Event #1

At the beginning of the month we got about 18inches of snow at our house within 24 hours. This started a week off school for the kids when another snow came between Tuesday & Wednesday (more photos to follow).  So I figured I would take Anderson out for his first major snow fall & get some photos. Of course Steve being at work this proved to be harder than I thought. With so much I couldn't just set him in the snow as I would lose him. Lucky for me his big sister loves to help with him. Until she gets snow down in her boots that is.

This is a shot I got while trying to dress Anderson for outside. One might think this would be easy as he is only 8 months old. People who have children realize this is no easy feat. Especially, when the child does NOT like to put on his coat.

Sydney hopping into the snow to show how deep it was. What she really did was fill her boots with snow UGH! Which of course was followed with whining. After we emptied her out the photo fest continued.

Holding up her brother so he didn't fall in the snow. He did play with it a little but his gloves are so big he wasn't able to do much.

A couple of outside shots. One which you can tell was the walkway to  the house. The other I was trying to get a shot of how high it was from the ground. Didn't get it all the way to the ground. But the blue sky is awesome.
Lucky for us we didn't lose power. And did not get as much as our family & friends down in MD. Who ended up with over 30 inches of snow within the first 24 hours of the first storm.