Friday, February 19, 2010

Well I wasn't sure I would ever see this again. A Fowler wearing the number 32. Sydney is playing basketball this year. Sydney decided she would wear the same number her Dad did when he played. Sorry it is a little blurry it is hard to catch them standing still.

Actually we are almost at the end of the season. She is really enjoying it. I think she would play entire game if she could. The girls are even running & shooting hoops at halftime. You think they would be tired they run ALOT! Her team is made up of third & fourth grade girls. The coach does a really good job of making sure they all play. Sydney has decided she like defense the best because her ball handling skills are not that great. Hopefully, Steve and her will work on that this summer. Right now she doesn't have alot of arm strength. She actually was practicing foul shots before a game and managed to hit 2 of her teammates right on top of the head. Those were consecutive shots by the way.
She has played against some girls that are quite a bit taller than her. She is not afraid to go after them though. They even played in the fifth grade tournament last weekend. It didn't go so well for them. The other girls were huge, but her team kept the score pretty close.
On the move again.

This was at the end of the game where she got her first basket. YEAH!!! Unfortunatlely Steve had to work & missed it.
Our tournament is in a couple of weeks so that should be interesting. Go Spartans!

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all the best for your upcoming tournament..