Friday, August 14, 2009

Anderson's 2 Month Doctor Visit

The face I got after saying your going to the doctor. Go figure his big sister had just told him over & over he had to get shots!

Today Anderson had a 2 month check up & shots. It went much better than expected I figured on screaming all the way home. He didn't even fall asleep right away. When we got home we woke him up to eat then he stayed awake in his play pen kicking up his legs in the air & smiling. Hopefully, this attitude continues throughout the day.
He weighed 15 lbs 3oz. & was 26 1/4" long. All was good in that department. Which we figured at the rate he is outgrowing his clothes YIKES!!

Kicking it up after getting some shots!

Hanging with his seahorse.


obxfreak68 said...

Boy, that's a really nice seahorse;)

And a really FINE lookin' kid!

Nickie said...

I thought you would like that one
I happen to think he's pretty cute too!