Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where do they learn these things?

We went to the Dayton fair on Saturday. Luckily, the chance of thunderstorms never happened. We got their early which was great because there was no lines for anything. First we tackled the animal barns to see the sheep, goats, pigs, cows & horses. Then off to the rides. Sydney talked Steve into riding the Spinning Dragons a mistake he would not make again. Of course we had some fair food. Good time was had by everyone even Anderson who managed to sleep through most of his first fair experience.

Later that evening when I was making sure Sydney had gotten all the shampoo out of her hair I asked her if she had scrubbed the "S" off her hand (we were stamped upon entering the fair). She turned her body & looked at her bum. When I realized what was going I gave her a look as if to say "Oh no you didn't!" I said to her again did you wash off your "S" stamp she replied "Oh I thought you said did I wash my ass" I tried not to laugh, but assured her I would never ask her that or use that word.
Where did she learn that? I know not from her father or I.

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Jackie: said...

You can't blame this one on me!