Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

Off And Running

Sydney is off to her first day of third grade. Can you believe third grade holy cow! She was really excited. She has been ready to go back to school since July. Last night she had her teeth brushed ten minutes before bedtime. Anyone who knows my daughter knows she would rather stay up and normally drags out her bedtime routine. Good luck to her teacher Mrs. Shaw.

Syd playing with Anderson before going to school. She told him that she would be gone for awhile.

Anderson covering himself up on the way to the car. It was quite chilly this morning. By the time we got to the car his head was all covered up. Sydney told him "Just wait til winter buddy!"

Good Luck Sydney!!!!


Mandy said...

Best wishes to Syd for a GREAT year in 3rd grade!! :)

Elizabeth said...

She cut her hair!! It looks cute. Good luck to Syd in 3rd grade. :)