Friday, August 28, 2009

Buy & Clip

Have you ever seen this on any products you buy?

If so make sure you cut & save them. Box Tops For Education is a great an very easy way for schools to raise money. All you have to do is cut out the Box Top off of products you already buy. There are hundreds of products to clip from. With school starting back they may even have double or triple box tops. They are worth 10 cents each. I know you are probably thinking that is not alot but it does add up very quickly. Our school raised $2800.00 last year. Now that is alot of Box tops.

I know some of you do not have kids. If that is the case you should check with your nieces or nephews to see if their school participates. I am sure they would appreciate you clipping for them. If they are not participants our school Shannock Valley Elementary would be more than happy to have your help. Aunt Jackie & Uncle Aaron have been sending there's from all over the country to help out Syd's school. Sydney loves to get them in the mail. She always checks when we go to visit her grandparents also.

It is an easy way to help make a difference in a child's school! Our school has contests all year long as an incentive. So get out your scissors & start clipping!!! And if you need our address it is PO Box 171 Rural Valley, PA 16249.

If you are a coupon clipper like me check out the website they have a link for coupons on lots of General Mills cereals, yogurt, Pillsbury biscuits & Nature Valley to name a few. And of course they all have Box Tops.
Here is the website

Thanks for clipping!

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Schmoopy, Sheesha, Bubbles said...

You can find box tops on the outside plastic wrapping of Scott's toilet paper and most of the butt wipe packages. I actually threw a couple packages away not realizing this.