Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Tradition

A little while ago my sister blogged about our family Christmas traditions. Though I do remember those fondly. I have my own copy of Chipmunk Christmas that I requested from my mom several years ago. The other we still use with Sydney which I cannot comment on because she reads very well and that would ruin Christmas for her. (You can't wait for them to read but then you can't hide things either anyway...) I did remember another one. This was more of a tradition with our Nana & Grandpa. It started every year at Thanksgiving. At the end of the meal we would get our advent calenders. They would make one for each grandchild which ended up being 12. Yikes. From what I can remember they were different every year. We would get pennies through the week, nickels for Sat., dimes for Sun. and quarters for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. I do remember some days were alot harder to get off than others as you can see if the pictures. It would continue til we graduated from high school. It was something we all looked forward too.

Now that Sydney has gotten old enough her Grandma makes one for her also. Sydney actually asked a couple of days before we left for Mom's for Thanksgiving if Grandma was going to make her one. So she would know how long til Christmas. My reply was your going to have to ask Grandma as I had no idea if mom had planned on it or not. Thank goodness she had. I know Aunt Sally has also continuesthis tradition with her grandkids.
Close up of calendar

Syd's 2007 Advent Calendar

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Elizabeth said...

That's so neat!! We always had advent calendars, but never home made. My ultimate dream is to get a permanent advent calendar (like the one from Christmas Vacation).. I think that would be so neat.