Friday, December 19, 2008

Sled Riding At Pratt Hollow

While I was copying some photos for my cousin Amy I remembered I had not posted about sled riding. Sydney had the best time sled riding at her Grandma's. We spent a good portion of black Friday trying to find sleds for her & my mom. She was so geared up to go on Saturday. What topped things off for her was cousins James & Parker came over too. After the first trip down I thought we were in trouble as her sled came up & banged her in the ear. Luckily, Mom & Amy were at the bottom to check things out. Her pregnant mother was halfway up the hill taking pictures.
After about the second time up the hill I figured the kids would be ready to go home. It was a really big hill. But they were troopers and toughed it out. Parker even went down on Amy's back he looked like Superman. I missed getting the picture because I was too busy watching. They actually hit the jump and flew through the air. It was pretty cool. I did get a picture of James flying through the air in the midst of a crash.

(Sorry this the first time I have posted a video so it just ended up here.)

Anyway on the sled are James, Mom, Sydney & Amy. You can tell they are having a blast I do believe my child's mouth was open the whole way down the hill. As you can imagine she cannot wait to go sledding again!


OBXFREAK68 said...

Loved the video - so funny!
Looks like they had alot of fun.

Jackie: said...

Sweet! That looks like a blast!

Elizabeth said...

ha ha - you can't hide the open mouthed smile! That's awesome.