Monday, December 29, 2008


Well I am trying to recover from the holiday!

On Christmas Eve we went to eat at my Uncle Lou & Aunt Sally Labino's for a lasagna. Then were off to Christmas Eve service. The wind was so strong we almost got blown away. I thought trying to get her to sleep would be difficult luckily with a late service and all the running around she was out like a light! Although, she was up at 5:00AM to show me the bear Santa had left her on her bed and if ask if we could go downstairs. I told her it was too early and she crawled back into bed and slept til 7:10. Thank goodness!!

(I am going to apologize for some of my pictures the lighting in our living room is not good & gives everything a yellow hue Sorry!)
We went down to see what kind of loot she got. I must say she did very well cleaning up as she went. We had a box for her to throw trash in so there would not be major clean up. The dogs enjoyed there chewies. Mom got here after a quick look at the gifts we were off to the relatives. First we went to Aunt Pat & Uncle Ric's. Chris, Todd, & Bill were there too so we had lots of laughs. Syd & I went to visit Gram. Then we were off to Uncle Lou & Aunt Sally's. Mike and his wife Jen were home with her mother Judy & Gavin & Hayden. Also Jen & her husband Chris with Benjamin & Annamarie. So there was alot of us. Syd had lots of fun playing with her cousins. Her & Gavin always have a good time together. We got home around nine. I think I could of went to sleep then.
I made Steve a Redskins blanket and some pillows. Which I think turned out pretty well (with help from my Mom of course).

As you can tell from the picture Sydney was less excited over her father's favorite team. Poor Steve.

Angus with some of his new things

Of course I could not pass this up!!

I had to work on Friday so Sydney & her Grandma hung out together watching quite a few movies. And visiting Labino's.
On Saturday we decided to go to the Pittsburgh Mills to do some shopping. Much to Sydney's surprise we also went to The Putting Edge which is glow in the dark mini golf. She really enjoyed it. Of course the money she got from Christmas was burning a hole in her pocket so she was on a mission to find something.

Mom left Sunday morning. I must confess I was exhausted. I went back to bed & slept til almost three. Sydney was pretty happy that I decided to have our own pajama day. She did come down Monday morning & ask if we were having another pajama day.

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