Thursday, December 11, 2008

Creating Her Own Snow Day

When Sydney came downstairs from changing into pajamas I thought she had accidentally put her shirt on wrong. As this does happen from time to time when she is rushing. When I brought this to her attention she said "Mrs. Hill told us to so we could have a snow day!" What? Then I realized her pj bottoms were inside out also. She was really into it. She told Steve & I she wanted a snow day so she could study more. YEAH RIGHT! She wanted to stay home watch cartoons & play video games.

Heaven help us if all seventeen kids in her class did this. I guess I should be glad she was paying attention.

By the way it is snowing pretty good outside!

(I am not sure wht she is saluting except she would not stand still & I kept telling her too. So I got a yes sir. Note the tag at the front of her shirt.)