Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Night of Frosty & New Christmas Cartoons

Sydney was very excited about Frosty the Snowman being on tv. I was quite confused as she has it in dvd along with several other holiday favorites.
She said but I don't have Frosty Returns. Now I know most of you agree this one is not as good as the original, but she is younger. Although I am kind for spray in a can that would get rid of the snow off the roads! There is a new one called The Flight Before Christmas. It looks a little strange but it is her holiday. So our night of cartooning and popcorn began!
Syd & Angus enjoying the shows


Jackie: said...

FUN! I love watching those Christmas movies.

Elizabeth said...

Yay! There must have been tons of families on Friday night watching those. We did too. I agree - the origional is the best. The 'Frosty Returns' seemed like a strange rip-off of a peanuts cartoon.. it was a little unnerving. Never-the-less, William enjoyed every minute.