Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Parents Go?

Hey you guys forgot me! Maybe they are just going for some milk.

I don't think they are coming back!
I would like to know who thought this would be a good idea. Did they not realize these other dogs are crazy. I was never that annoying when I was growing up. They don't ever sit still.

At least they did feed me. Those little twerps better not even think about trying to get my food.
Could I just get some alone time PLEASE!! (PS. I am NOT on the bed!)

This one does lay still every now and again. They must of give him his medication.

Wow, he is laying down again!

I really must say I do LOVE this kid!!! If it weren't for those other dogs this would be GREAT!!


1 comment:

Jackie: said...

Ha ha ha! Looks like the had fun at Grandma's house! He slept the whole ride back to ME. You guys really tuckered Boone out!